Horrible NYT Article about the Texas BOE

I know I’m a little late to the scene here, but this article in the New York Times over the Texas Board of Education is so awful that I must share it with you, or else I’ll find myself chased by Don McLeroy in my dreams.  This one passage in particular is especially revolting:

In reality, this controversy is the latest version of a debate that reaches back many decades and is perhaps essential in a heterogeneous democracy whose identity has long been in flux.

Complete bullshit.  Cutting out an enormous figure in the American Revolution and the Enlightenment out of textbooks just because you don’t like what he said is about as far away from essential as one can get.  It means that an entire generation of teenagers who will someday be expected to vote won’t even know who the hell wrote the Declaration of Independence.   Deliberately keeping people ignorant so they’ll digest some of your own values better is hardly short of lying.

The “controversy” is more like a moral outrage.  Whoever wrote this seriously needs to look for a career other than journalism.  Some issues just don’t have two sides to them.


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