Oh Em Jee, did I actually think like this once?

Saddle yourselves up for the world of the creepy.  This article, pulled from Sultan.org, presents twelve “proofs” that Muhammad was a real prophet of God.  Naturally, nothing of the nature is contained therein, but the article is absolutely oozing with praise for Muhammad at every possible turn.  I don’t think that author was typing with both hands while he wrote it, if you know what I mean. Just look at all of the typos.  It borders on the impossible to even discuss some of his claims because of how repetitive the whole article is.  To add insult to injury (I guess), anybody who disagrees with the findings of this world-class historian is an “arrogant” infidel.   I think I’ll take any absence of association with this man as a compliment, so paint me pagan for all I care.

Consider claim number ten:

Muhammad described Allah with qualities of complete perfection, and at the same time in a manner that is free of ascribing to Him any imperfection. Neither the philosophers nor the wise could ever describe Allah like such. Indeed it is impossible to imagine that any human mind could conceive of an existing being that possesses such complete ability, knowledge, and greatness; who has subdued the creation; that has encompassed everything in the universe, small or large; and who possesses such perfect mercy.

So in short, Muhammad must have been a prophet because he described a perfect god.  That’s proof?  Does that make me a prophet for cherry coke, the perfect soda?

Or try number eleven (which is almost identical to number four), for laughs:

It is impossible that any person conceive wisdom, morals, good manners, nobleness of characters as what this honorable Prophet (may Allah’s blessings and peace be upon him) brought.

This one is subjective and depends on what people actually consider wise and noble.  In other words, it’s also complete bullshit.  Granted, there are plenty of ethical principles that are shared by most cultures today, which Muhammad would have flagrantly violated were he a contemporary figure.  Remember that he slept with a nine year-old, and had all of the Jewish men from an enemy tribe in Medina slaughtered while their families were enslaved.

By the way, I don’t care about context or the kind of time Muhammad was living in.  Yes, slavery and child marriages were common historically, but that excuse doesn’t fly if the figure you’re trying to pass off also proclaimed his own way of doing things valid until the end of the Earth.  In places where young brides are still allowed, like in Yemen, death during child birth or even after sexual intercourse with their husbands also remains a grim occurrence.  We should be able to expect better from a person we’re supposed to follow in every way conceivable.

Claim number twelve:

The legal and creedal make-up of the religion that the Messenger, Muhammad, (may Allah’s blessings and peace be upon him) brought resembles the engineering of the heavens and the earth. All of that indicates that He who created the heavens and the earth is the One Who sent down this great law and upright religion.

Find anything in common?


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