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Your Weekly Dose of WTF

Did you know that sex with demons affects the stock market?

Right Wing Watch has been keeping tabs on the kinds of people GOP presidential hopeful Rick Perry associates with, as well as their amusingly demented statements.  Like this one by Peter Wagner:


This week’s dose of adorable

Isn’t it amazing?  We have congressmen who can’t even do simple math, but there are monkeys who can operate cameras.  Awww.

Sanders’ petition reaches nearly 55,000 signatures in two days

Is that a surprise?  It shouldn’t be.  Senator Sanders’ proposals are immensely popular.

It’s been a while…

When I first started this blog a little over a year ago, I was looking primarily for a place to lighten the load on my chest every once in a while.

No more.

Too much is happening right now to continue running Stomatopoda as merely an occasional outlet.  The most radical developments within the past decade have nearly all occurred during the last six months: revolutions in Tunisia, Libya, Yemen, Syria and Egypt, the possibility that America will default on its loans for the first time ever in its history, Republican efforts to dismantle Medicare and collective bargaining, single payer healthcare in Vermont, etc.

I thought about starting a new blog to cover this and more.  But why I should I?  “Stomatopoda” is a kick-ass name.

The Tea Party Does Not Represent Your Interests

Of course, no sensible person could have seriously believed that they ever did.  But this latest rant from the bowels of Hell Judson Phillips, president of Tea Party Nation, leaves absolutely no room for doubt as to the class of people whom he truly serves.  Advocating property restrictions upon voters isn’t conservative at all.  It stopped being a conservative issue in the early 1800s.  Rather, it’s about as reactionary as a man could possibly be without burning women who own black cats. 

Alright, maybe that was a bit of a hyperbole.  But I’m only off an accurate description of Phillips’ worldview by a century.  If it doesn’t scare you that people like him are in control of the House of Representatives, it damn well should.

Hello world!

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